Does Traditional Marketing Still Work in 2020?

The COVID-19 has pushed the individuals to adopt the digital world more so than ever. While yes, digital marketing is what the trend is today but traditional marketing still has proven to provide effective results.

Traditional marketing is still very much alive and works best for Business to business communication, as well as business to consumer communication. In this article, we will highlight what traditional marketing means, how is it used, and its advantages in the digital era.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing as the word implies refers to using traditional means of marketing. Traditional means of marketing include banners, broadcasts, printed brochures, telemarketing, direct mail, etc. The marketing strategies in a traditional setting is based on product, price, place, and promotion. The goal is to identify and reach your target market.

Therefore, the strategies involve identifying a target segment, researching buyers’ habits and patterns, location, and distribution channel preferences.

Digital marketing however has now changed the dynamic of marketing by adding three more items to the foundation of marketing. This includes process, people, and physical evidence. Online marketing has made one thing very easy, which is to collect data on consumers.

While traditional and digital marketing is two different things, however, the goals and process remain the same as making marketing plans and strategies.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing Methods

  • Traditional Marketing has proven to have higher success rates than digital marketing. The main reason being its ability to reach places where there is no internet. It is not denied that the printed brochures and large billboards have their kind of appeal to the consumers and attract a lot of attention compared to the digital means.
  • Television Ads have also proved the main marketing means to target a lot of its consumers. It is the most effective strategy up to date. A lot of influencer marketing is done through televisions as well.
  • Traditional marketing strategies if devised with the best plan produce the most effective results and produce greater sales.
  • Traditional marketing has a huge offline audience and it might be beneficial for your marketing campaign not to ignore this audience.
  • Traditional marketing is expensive compared to the digital marketing campaigns, however, sometimes it will turn out to be costly for you to ignore this campaign depending on your target market.
  • Traditional marketing makes it easier to reach a local audience. However, to go beyond boundaries becomes a bit costly and challenging.

Technology has taken over the world, which has exposed the marketer to use more techniques to reach their targeted audience. The best marketer would use a strategy encompassing digital and traditional means to get the most of their marketing campaign.

Does Traditional Marketing Still work in 2020?

2020 no doubt is a digitalized world where a lot is revolving around new technology and data. However, the world keeps revolving and marketers need to stay ahead of the curve with newfound pieces of information and techniques to reach out to their customers.

No matter how much the form of communication changes, there are a few old school thoughts that will stay the same. And these thoughts are what has made traditional marketing still stay in the loop.

  • If you reach out to the customers emotionally, they get motivated to buy your products. TV advertisement is the best way to touch the emotions of your buyers. This is the most effective and successful marketing strategy even in 2020.
  • A personalized way of reaching out to the buyer is still appealing. When you communicate your products and their value in a personal way to a customer, it leaves a mark on them and has more effect.
  • Personal interactions with the customer are still very important and affect consumers’ buying behavior. It builds a level of trust and the consumers know who they bought from and who they can reach if a problem were to occur.
  • Some customers like to have a personal connection with the business. This personal connection can also be built through online marketing . It builds trust, interest, and motivation in the consumers.
  • People get some loyalty from traditional marketing supporting their local businesses. 2020 is the age of empathy and building your community. This shift has encouraged traditional marketing techniques.

BEST STRATEGY: Use Traditional Marketing With a Modern Touch

We conclude this article to advise you that the best marketer would use a combination of traditional and modern marketing keeping in mind their target audience. It is important for you to know your market and make sure your buyers know who they are buying from. These are the two key factors marketer need to keep in mind to devise the best strategy.


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